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The Revolutionary Phone That Started It All

Created by donkeypunched on Feb 09, 2010

Ownership period: less than 1 year.
Everyone by now knows what an iPhone is. When it was announced, it got everyone hyped. There were people camping outside of Apple to get this phone. I received mine a week after it was released and was so excited. It had the best features and experience ever compared to any other phone out there. We know that we have competition now between Palm, Google, and Apple, but we must admit it has come a long way and put many phone companies to shame for a few years.
  • Overall rating

  • Pros

  • Revolutionized the way we use phones
  • internet experience
  • iPod
  • basic apps (without app store)
  • upgradeable software (with app store)
  • Cons

  • Had bad firmware at times
  • but got fixed as Apple had time go by.