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Apple iPad 9.7-inch (2018) Pro Reviews

SlashGear‘s review Edit

You could argue that this is the most cynical of Apple’s tablet announcements: a “new” iPad that’s made up of little more than components the company has already used in older models. Yet the pragmatists among us – of whom I’d consider myself one – can see the value in that. After all, without that parts recycling there’s no way you’d be able to pick one up from $329.
8.0 Rated at:

Published on:
May 01, 2018

Phone Arena‘s review Edit

The new iPad, it's arguably one of Apple's least upgraded successive products in recent memory. Unlike the iPhone line that generally sees several additions while retaining the same design as its predecessor, Apple recycles the design to the teeth while offering only two major changes – support for the Apple Pencil and adding in the new A10 Fusion processor! Despite the minuscule upgrade, this is still the best all-around tablet you can get for your money.
8.5 Rated at:

Published on:
Apr 05, 2018

Cnet‘s review Edit

he 2018 entry-level iPad doesn't add much, but it makes an already excellent tablet a better buy than ever.
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Published on:
Mar 29, 2018

The average pro reviews rating is 8.4 / 10, based on the 3 reviews.

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