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MadCatz V.5 specs

MadCatz V.5
We are currently working on upgrading our specs, but here are some short details.

New ‘Cyborg-module’ reversible d-pad and left analog stick

Compatible with Microsoft Xbox 360 console as well as Games For Windows games on PC.

High quality, varied rumble forces so the gamer feels closer to the action

Ergonomic controls for maximum comfort during extended gaming sessions, no matter how big or small your hands.

Advanced programming provided by ST software (PC only) gives you the freedom to program any part of the pad with any keyboard or mouse command in any game - even those that don’t support game controllers.

If you are interested in using our specs commercially, check out our Gamepads specs database licensing page.

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Description: There’s always been discussion among gamers about which position is best for the left analog stick on a gamepad. Some like it level with the right stick like Sony’sPlaystation® controller; others prefer it offset to the top left corner of the pad like Microsoft’s Xbox® controller.

With the Cyborg V.5 Rumble Pad, you can have both. At the press of a button, you can remove the revolutionary Cyborg™ module (Pat. Pending) from... read more

Created by MG3 , Last update by MG15 , Jul 06, 2011


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