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Nintendo Wii Questions & Answers

I wish i have it

Posted by jackportland12 on Mar 05, 2010

This looks like such an awesome console, I wanna one.


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Reply Level 2 2 collinsc99 on Mar 06, 2010

yeah me too, i want one for me and the wife but i dont want my five year old to kick our butts at it

Reply Level 2 3 Kazoom on Mar 08, 2010

I have a wii and its great for the entire family and parties plus you can surf the web and I heard netflix is coming to it!

Reply Level 2 4 andyrvc05 on Mar 13, 2010

I had the opportunity to use this many times at work during slow times or break and it was so much fun. I'm hopeful I would be able to purchase one of my own.

Reply Level 2 5 papai2004 on Mar 14, 2010

This is the console which will make our booty shakin.............
its the coolest console

Reply Level 2 6 bevmill on Mar 31, 2010

I just go one three days age and i am loving it.

Reply Level 2 7 topgunner on Apr 12, 2010

I've been trying to get my wife on board to get one. Some of the games are just so childish, but you just cant stop playing. Very addicting.

Reply Level 2 8 bigpetefox on Apr 12, 2010

It's an awesome concept, and the way it sold proves that. I'm getting one once I move into a larger place, plenty of room for that Wii Resort game!

Reply Level 2 9 EnderDragonoth on Apr 13, 2010

I will be honest, this is the worlds best paper whight. It has a nich, which happens to be a vast ammount of people, but does not work well for most gamers.

Reply Level 2 10 b3rt027 on Apr 13, 2010

this consul is great for family entertainment but if u are some one who is into good graphics and fun online play this is not the system for you

Reply Level 2 11 courtsidebum on Apr 16, 2010

This console is good for family fun but not for serious gamers.

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