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DLS MRA22 specs

General info

  • Car

    Amplifier usage:

  • Integrated amplifier



  • 10 - 35kHz

    Frequency response:

  • Line level: 100dB

    Signal to noise ratio:

  • Line in: 10 kohms +/-5%

    Input impedance:

  • Bass: +/- 18dB

    Tone controls:

  • Variable from 15Hz to 500Hz

    High pass filter:

  • Variable from 50Hz to 500Hz

    Low pass filter:

Power amplifier

  • 2

    Amplified channels:

  • 60W per channel into 4 ohms and THD 0.1%

    Power output:

  • 100W per channel into 2 ohms and THD 0.2%

  • Yes

    Bridge mode:

  • 200W into 4 ohms

    Power :

  • Class AB

    Amplifier class:

  • 10 - 35kHz

    Frequency response:

  • 100dB

    Signal to noise ratio:

  • Balanced: 10 kohms

    Input impedance:

  • : 5V

    Input sensitivity:

  • over 100

    Damping factor:


  • 9.06 in x 2.92 in x 10.55 in

    Dimensions (WxHxD):

  • 5.95 lb


  • White

    Available color options:


  • 12 V - 15 V

    Power adapter voltage:


  • Official page:

  • Manual:

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Filed in: DLS Amplifiers

Description: MRA 22 is a powerful amplifier with a power output of 2 x 60 Watts. With a mono bridge-connection, it puts out all of 200 Watts. Built-in low-pass filter for subwoofers, variable between 50 and 500 Hz. The high-pass filter is variable between 15 and 500 Hz. Built-in protection circuits shut down the amplifier in the event of overloads. High level input with AUTO-start function makes it easier to connect to all kind of head units.... read more

Created by MG15 , Last update by MG23 , Jul 21, 2010


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