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KR Audio Kronzilla SD specs

KR Audio Kronzilla SD

General info

  • Home

    Amplifier usage:

  • Power amplifier


  • Vacuum tube (Valve)

    Construction type:

Power amplifier

  • 2

    Amplified channels:

  • 22W per channel and THD 3%

    Power output:

  • Class A

    Amplifier class:

  • 20 - 20kHz at +-3dB

    Frequency response:

  • Balanced: 47 kohms

    Input impedance:

  • : 1V

    Input sensitivity:

  • over 2.9

    Damping factor:


  • 15.16 in x 16.34 in x 21.65 in

    Dimensions (WxHxD):

  • 110.23 lb



  • Typical: 260 W


  • 115 V - 230 V

    Power adapter voltage:

  • 50 Hz, 60 Hz

US Availability

  • Available

    Market status:

European Availability

  • Available

    Market status:


  • Official page:

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Description: KR Audio as the World’s Best Audio Product at any cost, needs no introduction for many Audiophiles. The Kronzilla SD will continue to outperform the competition and impress the world over! Running in Pure Class A, the music created by this amplifier is a joy to listen to. Whatever kind of music you play on the Kronzilla SD, this SET Tube Amplifier will keep up regardless, we guarantee this to you. The resolution is simply world... read more

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