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Do you think Google will come up with their own tablet?

Posted by superuser on Oct 06, 2011

After almost every other tech company has it's own vision about this ground breaking computer device - the tablet, don't you think it is time for google to expand their portfolio with one? They've outed 2 generations of cell phones and internet netbook, a third generation of cell phone is heading towards the consumers very soon, but what about tablets? I think it is very likely that they will bring one very soon (not manufactured by Google itself of course), what do you think? Does that sounds possible?


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Reply Level 7 1 I.P.K. on Oct 06, 2011

Well, Google is working on its own tablet, maybe since the beginning of least according to rumors. Actually, I don't care whether Google will have a table, because the market is flooded with tablets.

Reply Level 2 2 mindhacker on Oct 10, 2011

I don't believe in most of the rumors. From what I've read, it turns out that the better part is speculation, with just a bit of thoughtful analysis. My logic is: if Big G found a reason in launching a smartphone with Pure Google Experience, they might very well find one for a tablet, considering tablets are the hot stuff in today's geek want lists. On the other hand, there are Android tablets that can already be considered Pure Google Experience as the OS is untouched...

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