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Which Android smartphone in 4-4.5

Posted by iso on Apr 11, 2013

Hi there, I'm looking for an Android smartphone with mid-level specs. I want it to be about the size of an iphone 4/s - around 4, 4-something inches display. I'd rather look for a recently released devices with highest possible OS version.

Couple of days ago I spotted a good looking, black matte HTC with beats audio, but can not remember the model. Any ideas?

However, I'd appreciate your suggestions for other manufacturers too, but keeping the size requirements. If it will be of any help - it's for a girl.


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Reply Level 7 1 I.P.K. on Apr 12, 2013

My favorite is Samsung Galaxy S III mini. It's not new, but for a girl it's very nice smartphone. Other option is HTC J - newer and a little better hardware, but I don't like it :D Another smartphone is HTC First. Not yet released but has the best specs and will come with preinstalled Facebook Home. About the HTC with beats - HTC One :D:D but it's too big :P

Reply Level 2 2 iso on Apr 12, 2013

Right, thanks. The HTC I was looking for is Desire X. Anything to worry about this one? Looks quite good, will compare it with the GS3 mini though. On the software side, which has more tolerable UI customizations - Samsung or HTC? I mean which UI is easier to use, although I'd probably try to load Cyanogen once I get it.

HTC One surely is the best looking android I've ever seen, might actually consider it for myself. :)

Reply Level 7 4 I.P.K. on Apr 15, 2013

I can't find any particular problem with the Desire X.....may be this:​t=1952909
About the software, I personally don't like HTC Sense (the old Sense)'s too heavy and confusing.
You can't go wrong with HTC's awesome...if you have the $$$ take it :D

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