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Because all the electronics are hidden, it’s sometimes hard for me to remember to compare the price point of an active soundbar to a full system (AVR, speakers, subwoofer) costing the same amount. In the case of Polk’s SB9000, you get a lot (in a small, very convenient package) for $800. Acoustically, there aren’t many other active soundbars at that price that can perform as convincingly when it comes to bass response. While it doesn’t do the near impossible and convince you there’s actually sound coming from behind you, the SB9000 does create an exceptionally wide, dynamic soundstage that fills the entire front wall and often reaches part way down the sides of the room. When you add in the overwhelming simplicity, especially the speaker’s remote-control-learning capability, as well as the wireless subwoofer, it makes the SB9000 a fantastic bargain for the person who wants his TV watching to be easy on the brain—but awesome for the ears. Just remember to bring home an extra optical digital audio cable for your BD/DVD player.
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Mar 26, 2013

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