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MSI GX60 1AC-021US Pro Reviews

Tom's Hardware‘s review Edit

It seems that our experiences with the GX60 are echoed by others. It is an absolutely solid 15” gaming machine, and at $1,200, MSI's GX60 is an excellent bargain. In our view, MSI accomplished what it set out to do: build a high-end gaming laptop with a very low price tag. We highly recommended this machine to mobile gamers on a budget, and therefore, we’re giving the MSI GX60 our 2013 Smart Buy award.
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Published on:
Apr 30, 2013

PC Magazine‘s review Edit

When you're faced with a choice of overall performance vs. gaming performance on a budget, the MSI GX60 1AC-021US is a great entry-level system for the gamer on a budget.
8.0 Rated at:

Published on:
Mar 25, 2013

computershopper‘s review Edit

Sure, we'd like to see an option for a solid-state drive. And despite its responsiveness, we never got used to the system's cramped, recessed touch pad. But most gamers will want to use a mouse when gaming, and if you really want an SSD, the system's chassis has space inside for a second hard drive. So you could drop an SSD in yourself without losing the 750GB hard drive—although to do that, you'd have to remove a sticker and forfeit the system's two-year warranty, so it's definitely not an upgrade everyone will want to make.
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Published on:
Feb 26, 2013

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