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The House of Marley Riddim Pro Reviews

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Despite being a part of a flooded market, House of Marley has managed to carve out a unique identity. From the use of earth-friendly materials, to unique designs, and top audio quality for the price, the Riddim’s are certainly a pleasure to use. Overall build quality is superb, and despite the lack of a folding design I had no fears tossing the Riddim’s into a bag alongside a laptop and other odds and ends. Comfort concerns are somewhat minimal as they are personal to every wearer, however, if you have had issues with on-ear headphones in the past the Riddim’s pillowy cushions will likely only provide short-term comfort. Anyone interested in the Riddim’s but concerned about the on-ear design should make sure to check out the Rise Up over-ear headphones, as they employ the same electronics and a similar, albeit slightly larger, driver.
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Feb 12, 2013

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