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Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS25 Pro Reviews

expertreviews‘s review Edit

Could be better in low light, but it has a sharp lens, nippy performance and attractive videos – not bad for £160
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Oct 03, 2013‘s review Edit

The Panasonic Lumix TZ35 is a remarkably versatile compact camera thanks to a full suite of manual controls a host of useful automated features plus the nice sharp lens. Having a 20x optical zoom lens packed into such a very compact body that can focus down to 3cm means you have here a camera that is (almost) an ideal travel camera. It's only an 'almost ideal' because it's shy of a couple of features that could, if executed properly, make it a nigh on perfect travel compact. These include Raw capture and an electronic viewfinder. Otherwise the Panasonic Lumix Z35 is a superb little long zoom compact that combines (almost) the best of a more advanced, larger camera with the benefits of a point and shoot "snapper".
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Published on:
Jul 01, 2013

Camera Labs‘s review Edit

For many years Panasonic has offered two different versions of its travel zoom: a feature-packed flagship model and a simpler version which skips the bells and whistles to come in at a lower price point. It's a clever approach which allows you to choose which feature-set suits you best, and saving money if you don't need all the gadgets. On previous generations, the two versions would often sport different optical ranges, but for 2013, Panasonic has equipped both with the same 20x range, along with much the same body, shooting modes and creative effects. In these respects they share the same core capabilities, to which the flagship TZ40 / ZS30 adds Wifi, GPS, a touchscreen, built-in mapping, faster continuous shooting and 1080p video with stereo sound. Both are good, solid options, so the choice boils down to either paying the extra for the feature-packed TZ40 / ZS30, or saving some cash for the simpler TZ35 / ZS25. Well, that's the choice Panasonic would like you to make anyway as it carefully balances the feature-sets for each generation. But with only one year separating each generation, the previous models may actually offer a compelling alternative. For example in some regions, last year's flagship may cost roughly the same as this year's budget model, but with only a year between the older model could deliver a broader feature-set.
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Published on:
Jul, 2013

TechRadar UK‘s review Edit

Panasonic has made some small, but much needed, changes to the Panasonic ZS25 when compared to its predecessor. Here we have a camera that arguably is the best compromise between functionality and price for the holiday and casual photographer, offering a huge zoom in a nicely sleek body. If you're a beginner, this camera is very much suited to you, with its fully automatic and creative modes appealing to the novice. Equally, if you're a bit more at home with manual controls, the ability to change settings such as aperture and shutter speed is excellent. It's a little bit of a shame that there's not even further control for the advanced photographer, such as the ability to change autofocus point or shoot in raw, though. Overall, this is a very good camera that should be one of the top considerations for those looking for the ideal travel compact that offers just a little bit extra than the standard options available on the market.
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Published on:
Mar 11, 2013

ephotozine‘s review Edit

The Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ35 is an excellent choice for those looking for a very versatile travel camera. It has a very respectable 20x optical zoom lens packed into a very compact body, yet is capable of focusing at just 3cm for superb macro shots. It could be improved if it had RAW shooting and a higher resolution screen. There is no GPS, but with the range of features already mentioned, HDR, panoramas, full 1080p HD video recording and excellent image quality, the TZ35 is a camera we are happy to recommend.
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Published on:
Feb 15, 2013

PhotographyBLOG‘s review Edit

In summary the Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ35 is admittedly cheaper than the more expensive TZ40 model, but it does concede quite a lot of ground to achieve the more aggressive price-tag, and it doesn't offer that many upgrades over the previous TZ25 model. Therefore, while the DMC-TZ35 is certainly a very competent travel-zoom, it doesn't offer enough to convince us to save the extra outlay for its big brother, or more seriously for Panasonic one of its main rivals...
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Published on:
Feb 11, 2013

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