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Atomic Floyd PowerJax Pro Reviews

Pocket-lint‘s review Edit

There's some good stuff here, and there's some not good stuff. First of all though, these headphones are by far the clearest example to us of something that you really need to audition yourself. Audio-quality from the PowerJax is great. That's to say, they are clear as a whistle and given the right input, sound terrific. The big problem is that they are far too bright in the mid- and high-frequencies for our liking. And here, again, we reach the caveat. We didn't like the sound profile of these headphones. You, on the other hand, may adore them. We had to EQ the living mercy out of our music to get it to how we wanted, but once we did, we respected and enjoyed using the PowerJax. For £100, these earphones punch above their weight. The problem is, they seem to be very extreme. They will push a lot of bass, mid and treble to your ears but they don't work, in terms of that perfect balance unless you adjust the sound output. That makes them incredibly hard to score, and also requires that with our score you understand that they won't appeal to everyone.
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Dec 19, 2012

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