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Samsung PS64E8000GU Pro Reviews

hdtvtest‘s review Edit

The Samsung PS64E8000 is an excellent plasma TV, producing suitably bright whites, and excellent blacks which are just short of being the best in class. Crucially, it can be calibrated to put out very accurate images. For users who don’t have access to video calibration, the quality is good in the stock “Movie” picture mode, although behind Panasonic’s THX-certified GT50 and VT50. Samsung’s plasma HDTVs absolutely benefit from calibration work to bring them up to the same tint-free level. That costs money of course, but the Korean brand’s competitive pricing means that you’ll still be left with a good amount of spare change even after paying for the services of an ISF/THX calibrator. Unfortunately, just as Panasonic have managed to do with their 2012 European plasma televisions, Samsung have managed to slip in a compromise which is not present on the midrange model – or on the US equivalent model. In Samsung’s case, that compromise is the non-working “Off” switch for the [Digital Noise Filter], the workaround for which involves sacrificing a little bit of picture accuracy. However, that’s a subtle problem, and many users will never notice. Both of these manufacturers’ limitations are only of interest to enthusiast users, but this doesn’t mean they’re not real issues. At the 50″-51″ sizes, Samsung’s black level quality is still a little behind Panasonic’s. At the larger sizes, there is either no difference or almost no difference, depending on the model and the setup, making the Samsung 64E8000 outstanding value for money given the limited competition. That’s the case even before you factor in the fact that Samsung’s current-generation 60-inch and larger plasmas are, somehow, nearly image retention free, and have nearly perfect screen uniformity, an area in which Panasonic have had some problems in recent years.
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Published on:
Oct 29, 2012

AVForums‘s review Edit

The Samsung PS64E8000 drops last year's silver trim for a far more appealing gunmetal grey finish but still incorporates a chrome 'quad' foot, which remains something of an acquired taste. The wider bezel is also a definite positive, offsetting the images on the screen and providing somewhere to secrete the built-in camera and microphone. The remote is the standard Samsung design but we would like to see them put the aspect ratio button back. The same goes for the missing fourth HDMI input but otherwise there is a relatively comprehensive set of connections. The included 3D glasses use the new RF standard and whilst they are incredibly light, they could do with more shielding at the sides.
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Published on:
Dec 10, 2012

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