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Sony Xperia E dual Pro Reviews

GSMArena‘s review Edit

The Sony Xperia E dual offers quite the feature package for such a conservative price point. It's a very well built dual-SIM smartphone from a tier-one manufacturer that is powered by the really functional Android Ice Cream Sandwich. ICS is no longer the best Android out there, but it gives you pretty much everything you may need for your daily routine. It has rich multimedia functionality that gets even better with Sony's home-baked image gallery and media players, while its customization options are still far better than any non-Android device out there. Sony also included an office package, file browser, the Smart Connect feature and great social integration to make this an even more attractive offering.
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Published on:
Feb 11, 2013

Notebookcheck‘s review Edit

The Sony Xperia E dual is a good dual-SIM smartphone for little money. One should not expect too much besides this function though. The Case with no doubt is fancy, but the stability is not ideal. The card reader allowing up to 64 GB is a useful feature considering the small internal storage provided. The integration of the dual-SIM function proves to be good in Android. An update to Google Anroid 4.1 (Jelly Bean) still awaits to be released by Sony though. The 3.5 inch touch screen offers convincing test results. However, the low resolution of 320 x 480 pixel and the use of LCD-TFT technology are not up to date anymore. The performance is fine for a device that costs less than 200 euros and performance in everyday life is good. For gamers and multimedia enthusiasts it is the wrong choice. The battery life based on the 1500 mAh battery is fine, however the consumption in office use is too high in comparison to similar products. Overall, it is a good device for first-users who do not want to carry around two smartphones all the time. Nonetheless, the question still remains why there are no dual-SIM smartphones in the lower price range in Germany.
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Published on:
Feb 19, 2013

Phone Arena‘s review Edit

The Sony Xperia E dual was born to be used for voice calls. It offers outstanding call quality and can handle two SIM cards simultaneously, meaning that those who own it can take advantage of two carriers' deals, thus saving some cash along the way. Besides, its performance isn't too bad, so it can be a decent entry-level handset for users on a tight budget. We can't omit mentioning that its camera and display are of very low quality, but considering what the Sony Xperia E dual costs, we can't view them as too big of drawbacks. As a matter of fact, you'll have a hard time finding a better dual-SIM phone offered at this price point. Still, if your budget can handle it, there are dual-SIM smartphones far superior to the Sony Xperia E dual. The Samsung Galaxy S Duos and HTC Desire V, for example, both come with much better screens and can take better photos. In case you don't insist on having dual-SIM support, the Sony Xperia U costs about the same as an Xperia E dual.
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Published on:
Feb 05, 2013

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