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Genius Gila Pro Reviews‘s review Edit

Strikingly slick, feature-packed, and pricy, Genius’s Gila can do more than RTS and MMO games. It’s a comfortable gaming mouse that isn’t held back by its design.
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Mar 29, 2013

benchmarkreviews‘s review Edit

Armed with the NXP LPC11U14 microcontroller, the Genius Gila is able to produce a DPI range from 200 to 8200 and is rumored to be approximately eight times faster than the garden variety gaming mouse. It is also capable of delivering a 1000Hz polling rate. While testing it, I found the Gila to be as good as advertised. So, from a performance standpoint, the Gila is a solid performer. The best description I can give regarding the Genius Gila gaming mouse is that it resembles a sports car, and not just because it has what appears to be headlights and taillights. The shape in conjunction with red-on-black paint job make it look like it should be going 100mph rather than just sitting dormant on a desk. And, you'd think that a mouse with these kinds of lines would only have a few buttons. That's not the case here. Genius incorporated 12 buttons into this sleek design without adding unsightly humps and bumps on the device. The buttons just flow into the mouse, yet remain extremely easy to manipulate... more about that later. There's nothing out of the ordinary in terms of the construction of the mouse. No, it doesn't have an aluminum frame... it consists of plastic and molded rubber pieces; which is pretty standard in the industry. However, it does maintain a solid feel. You will not find anything shaking or rattling on this device.
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Published on:
Feb 05, 2013

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