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Club 3D CGAX-7876XT Pro Reviews

TechRadar UK‘s review Edit

Right now, the HD 7870 XT is the bargain card of this gen, and the jokerCard is a perfect example. With such a stunning combination of performance and value you can't go wrong. Unless you're a sucker for PhysX, I guess…
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Published on:
Mar 04, 2013

techPowerUp!‘s review Edit

Club3D is at the forefront of the Tahiti LE movement. Their HD 7870 jokerCard was announced first, well before cards from TUL (PowerColor and VTX3D). Other manufacturers have either decided not to release Tahiti LE-based SKUs, or are waiting for AMD to make a move. In our testing, we see very decent performance results from the Tahiti LE. Performance-wise, it is just 2% slower than the HD 7950, but 8% faster than the HD 7870, which means that the HD 7870 jokerCard is much closer to the HD 7950. This is also true for most of the PCB design, which is based on high-quality components; it is not an ultra-low-cost version of the HD 7950 PCB. While we have no baseline values for a comparison, overclocking this 1536-shader card worked better than expected. A maximum GPU clock of 1210 MHz is HD 7970 / GHz territory. Memory overclocked well too, with 1620 MHz, but seems to be held back a bit by the Elpida chips that do not overclock as well as their counterparts from Samsung or Hynix. Kudos to Club 3D for using faster 6 GHz chips instead of cheaper and slower 5 GHz ones.
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Published on:
Dec 07, 2012

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