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Pentax X-5 Pro Reviews

The Imaging Resource‘s review Edit

The 16MP Pentax X-5 may look and feel like a digital SLR, but it clearly belongs in the entry-level superzoom class. Photo enthusiasts who have shot with a DSLR and who may be drawn to the X-5's serious-looking but compact design -- it reminds us of a shrunken Pentax K-30 -- might want to look elsewhere, unless they're seeking an all-in-one, superzoom camera with a massive focal range they can throw in their bags for casual use. For beginners and family photographers who might be going on a trip with the kids, the versatile X-5 has a lot to offer. While the X-5 may seem formidable, there are plenty of preset modes and automated picture-taking functions that make snapping photos with the camera a fun and seamless process. The camera also has a nice, 3-inch, LCD monitor on back that tilts up and down for composing shots from interesting angles. Even when zoomed in at the maximum 26x (580mm equivalent!), the X-5 delivered crisp images in good light, which is a testament to the effectiveness of the built-in, sensor-based, Shake Reduction image stabilizer. The X-5 didn't fare as well at higher ISOs and when shooting in dim or overcast conditions, which is not surprising given the X-5's low price point and its lineage as a point-and-shoot camera.
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Apr 12, 2013‘s review Edit

If you're looking for an affordable bridge camera, the chances are that the X-5 will be on your shortlist. The good news is that the X-5 is certainly a capable camera, and one which handles well and offers a decent level of performance in a generally well designed package. There are drawbacks - the LCD screen is poor, as is the EVF, while there are some image quality issues and the use of AA batteries will disappoint some. So although it's a capable model, it just falls short of a full recommendation.
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Jan 15, 2013

TechRadar UK‘s review Edit

While this is a neat little package, you should be aware that there are many other premium compact cameras fulfilling a similar need and producing stronger image quality, offering faster lenses and heavier feature sets, albeit at a slightly higher price point. The Canon PowerShot SX50 HS and Panasonic Lumix FZ200, for example. That said, it feels unfair to be so critical of the Pentax X-5, because it does do a relatively good job at producing decent image quality and handles well in auto modes, and as such most novices may find this a great little camera. The problem that some people will have is that, other than an extraordinary focal range, this bridge camera doesn't really offer anything new or exciting. Plus elsewhere it feels a little rushed or unfinished, with obvious features missing such as semi-manual shooting modes and support for raw shooting.
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Mar 12, 2013

PhotographyBLOG‘s review Edit

Image quality isn't one of the X-5's stand-out highlights, with the typically-sized compact camera sensor inside suffering from obvious noise at relatively low ISO speeds, rather limiting the camera's versatility in low-light situations. Still everything on the camera falls readily to hand, making for both swifter and easier use than flashier alternatives. Ultimately that means that the bargain Pentax X-5 gets a Photography Blog Recommended award - just don't expect all the manual controls that its design so misleadingly hints at...
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Oct 24, 2012

ephotozine‘s review Edit

Pentax have created a decent bridge camera which will appeal to those who want a DSLR style camera but don't want the bulk or perhaps don't have the budget required. There aren't many cameras available with this amount of optical zoom for less than £200, so you'd expect there to be a sacrifice made somewhere. There is with image quality, but it's not much of one. Detail isn't all that you'd hope for from a 16 megapixel camera, particularly if you have to shoot at ISO 800 and 1600, but colour reproduction is good, so if you are more likely to take pictures to share on the web or print in smaller sizes, the X-5 isn't going to let you down.
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Published on:
Nov 14, 2012

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