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VIZIO SB4021M-A1 Pro Reviews

Vizio SB4021M-A1 Home Theater Soundbar Review


Submitted by MG3 on Mar 01, 2013

The Vizio SB4021M-A1 looks good and offers some rumble, but the soundbar itself just doesn't hold up very well playing anything that's not entirely bass.
From: PC Magazine
Published on: Feb 28, 2013
6.0 Rated at:

Vizio SB4021M-A1 Review


Submitted by MG3 on Feb 07, 2013

If you need a sound bar now, the Vizio SB4021M-A1 is one of your best options, with an all-around competent blend of good design, features, and sound quality. But if you can wait a few more months, better models are likely on their way, especially if you want built-in Bluetooth.
From: CNET Reviews
Published on: Feb 06, 2013
7.6 Rated at:

Vizio SB4021M-A1 Review


Submitted by MG3 on Nov 07, 2012 , Last update by MG3, Nov 07, 2012

We never had any doubts that Vizio’s latest audio solutions would be appealing from a value standpoint. What was at question was whether or not these sound bars would sound good enough to keep folks from feeling urged to spend a little more in hopes for better sound quality. Having spent some quality time with the system, we have to say yes, it can The average listener will be very satisfied with a SB4021M purchase. The system sounds exponentially better than the audio any of today’s slim TV’s can offer on their own and provides a listening experience that comes dangerously close to some of the $500 systems we’ve tested this year. For those looking for big sound with minimal hassle and at a modicum of expense, the SB4021M is nearly impossible to beat.
Published on: Nov 06, 2012
7.5 Rated at:

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