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HTC J Pro Reviews

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The HTC J might feature WiMAX for Asian markets, but we are looking at it from an international perspective as a simple 3G phone. And it can stand its ground. The device is waterproof, and that makes it interesting. It is convenient for one-handed use. It is snappy. The camera software in Sense is outstanding and the camera itself is nice. The qHD PenTile screen however is a bit of a disappointment. It does the job, but it is hard to recommend it over 720p displays dominating the market. The glossy plastic also won’t appeal to everyone given how close the J stands to the high-end market. If you value looks above all, the thinner and lighter One S definitely looks more tempting with its aluminum unibody. If you are not that obsessed about the slimmest of slim, though, the HTC J's cons can’t outweigh all the good things about it. And we don’t think you’d regret buying it.
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Nov 06, 2012

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