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Huawei Ascend Y Pro Reviews

Huawei Ascend Y (U.S. Cellular) Review


Submitted by MG3 on Mar 11, 2013

The Huawei Ascend Y for U.S. Cellular has an attractive price, but you can get a much better phone for not much more.
From: PC Magazine
Published on: Mar 08, 2013
4.0 Rated at:

Huawei Ascend Y Review


Submitted by MG3 on Dec 19, 2012

If you're looking for an inexpensive smartphone with U.S. Cellular and you aren't particular about speed or high-end specs, the Huawei Ascend Y's inexpensive price tag will get you in the door. Buy it for a penny if you live in a 3G zone and plan to use the handset for basic e-mail, browsing, and texting. However, if you have a little more disposable cash, shop around on U.S. Cellular and other networks. With specials, you can find a better phone with a comparable price, and maybe one that has a better camera, more hardware features, and a faster processor.
From: CNET Reviews
Published on: Dec 18, 2012
6.3 Rated at:

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