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MadCatz Cyborg S.T.R.I.K.E. 5 Pro Reviews

TechRadar UK‘s review Edit

Strangely, I think the STRIKE 5 is a more useful option than the STRIKE 7, but if I was going to spend this sort of money on any keyboard I wouldn't hesitate to look more closely at the Razer offering instead.
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Published on:
Feb 21, 2013

benchmarkreviews‘s review Edit

The Mad Catz STRIKE 5 is a good iteration from the STRIKE 7. Ignoring the touchscreen/OLED panel, the rest of the keyboard is almost identical between the two brothers. Some slight changes have been made in the STRIKE 5, some good some bad. For example they changed the surface material slightly from a rubbery to metallic feel. This choice worked great. The palm rest however regressed as they took away the comfortable aluminum surface and replaced it with a glossy plastic, compromising comfort and aesthetics a little. It's not a huge issue but now it's noticeable that palms are sticky due to the surface. Otherwise the keyboard is just as solid as the STRIKE 7. The Cherry Brown membrane clone is quiet and comfortable, and a good compromise between gaming and typing comfort. The macro system is top of class, not to mention the sheer number of entries at a time, 18 macros per profile across 3 instant toggling profiles. Like the rest of the Cyborg series, the STRIKE 5 maintains the futuristic high tech look and feel. Mad Catz has never failed to make the products visually appealing, and the STRIKE 5 is no exception. The EYE OLED Panel actually fits great with the look. The display is elegant and effective. The circular design uses every ring to symbolize something intuitive, and the dial can be spun to adjust the volume rings or toggle between apps to launch.
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Published on:
Nov 14, 2012

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