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Nikon 1 V2 Pro Reviews‘s review Edit

There's a lot to like about the Nikon V2; a camera which sees a real marked improvement on its predecessor. Although the design might not be to everyone's taste on an aesthetic level, there's no arguing with the fact that the addition of a fully functioning mode dial on the cameras top plate, as well as an ample hand grip, both make the V2 a more enjoyable camera to shoot with. Throw in the headline features, such as the 60fps burst mode and lightning fast AF system, and the V2 seems like a winner. Certain issues remain, however, and these cause the V2 to still pale in comparison to its CSC competition. The physically small sensor causes a range of image quality issues and places restriction on depth of field, while the price is certainly not for the faint of wallet. A greatly improved camera that is a pleasure to use, although is ultimately still hamstrung by price and image quality.
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Published on:
Jan 14, 2013

PhotographyBLOG‘s review Edit

Nikon have clearly gone back to the drawing board in order to differentiate the V2 from the entry-level J1 model, with the V2 now offering an attractive combination of speed, portability, image quality and handling that's geared more to the serious photographer, rather than to the consumer upgrading from a point and shoot compact. It may not be as small and stylish as the original V1, but the new Nikon 1 V2 is definitely a more serious proposition than its predecessor.
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Published on:
Nov 30, 2012

Pocket-lint‘s review Edit

The Nikon 1 V2 is an interesting concept. It attempts to right some of its predecessor's wrongs by adding a more traditional mode dial to the redesign, but the interior menu system still feels alien and can be a faff to navigate. What the camera really gets right is speed. Autofocus is really, really fast - it wipes the face of the Canon EOS M by a country mile - and the burst mode totally knocked our socks off.
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Feb 07, 2013

ephotozine‘s review Edit

The Nikon 1 V2 is an excellent advancement in the mirrorless camera market. There are stunning new features such as Slow View and there is fast high-speed shooting. Given you can shoot at shutter speeds up to 1/4000, it's possible to use the camera for sports photography if you purchase the 10-100mm (35mm equiv: 27-270mm) lens or attach a AF-S or AF-I Nikkor lens using the FT1 mount. Of course, the V2 is also great for many other types of photography and it doesn't require you to carry a bag to keep it in. If you've got big pockets, they'll easily fit it, especially as the 10-30mm compacts down when not in use. The price is a little high at the moment, but once it drops it's going to be a very popular camera.
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Published on:
Dec 16, 2012

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