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Samsung Galaxy Rugby Pro Pro Reviews

Digital Trends‘s review Edit

The $100 Samsung Galaxy Rugby Pro is a capable rugged smartphone for a low price. It may catch the eye of people who need a device that can withstand some rough and tumble conditions. And if you’re on the clumsy side and keep dropping and breaking your phone, this one will likely last you for two years, at least. It could also make a great first smartphone for kids. It’s not too expensive and can survive carelessness. Plus, Android is far easier for parents to control and keep tabs on. The low-res screen isn’t going to bother kids as much and the performance is good enough for the majority of games. If the rugged aspect isn’t as important as the budget price, the Rugby Pro is a decent choice though not the best for $100. The Pantech Discover and the LG Optimus G have larger, high-res screens and good performance. On the Windows Phone side, the Nokia Lumia 920 and HTC Windows Phone 8X are pretty sweet. None of these could stand up to the same rough treatment as the Rugby, though.
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Published on:
Jun 12, 2013

Phone Scoop‘s review Edit

As far as rugged smartphones go, the Samsung Galaxy Rugby Pro is a fine device. Nearly every feature works well, though there are a few notable exceptions. The hardware is pleasantly functional and easy to use. It looks decent and doesn't come off like a brick. You probably can't run over it with a tank, but it is tough enough to survive a fair amount of abuse. The screen is decent, the performance on AT&T's network is excellent, and the battery life should be enough for most people. The software, user interface, and most applications work flawlessly. Samsung has done a good job of refining TouchWiz over the years and the Rugby Pro offers a flexible platform for customizing its behavior. The real failing of the Rugby Pro is not the awkward ePTT software, but the poor volume of the speakers. I tested two separate devices, so I can't write the problem off as something specific to my review unit. If there's one thing a PTT device needs to deliver, it's Judas Priest-like volume from both the earpiece and speakerphone. The Rugby Pro is simply not loud enough.
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Published on:
Dec 12, 2012

PC Magazine‘s review Edit

With a tough build, a powerful processor, and a fast processor and LTE data speeds, the Samsung Galaxy Rugby Pro is our top choice for rugged smartphones.
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Published on:
Nov 09, 2012

Phone Arena‘s review Edit

When it comes right down to it, the Samsung Galaxy Rugby Pro has a lot to offer, especially since it carries a reasonable $100 on-contract price. Its design and construction make it ideal for those individuals that need or require a rugged smartphone that can withstand more than the average abuse, and can keep out Mother Nature. Combined with the 4” Super AMOLED display and dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor, it can also conquer pretty much any task you can throw at it.
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Published on:
Nov 12, 2012

CNET Reviews‘s review Edit

If you're looking for an Android smartphone that you hope is a little tougher than the usual crop of breakables, the Samsung Rugby Pro is a good fit. Likewise, the reasonable $99 phone is a terrific option for outdoor workers who need a strong phone and prefer the Rugby Pro's camera and Ice Cream Sandwich frills. However, if you require a handset to survive the toughest situations under extreme pressure, you should keep shopping for a more durable handset. The same goes for those who need to operate a phone with gloves on -- the Rugy Pro's touch display only works with bare hands.
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Published on:
Nov 06, 2012

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