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Dell Latitude 10 Pro Reviews

expertreviews‘s review Edit

Its extra accessories can make it very expensive, but this business tablet has great battery life and a wide range of ports
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Published on:
Aug 08, 2013

TechRadar UK‘s review Edit

So can we recommend the Latitude 10? Yes, but with one key caveat - it is not a laptop replacement if you do intensive tasks of any sort. A workhorse PC it is not. We certainly wouldn't recommend its use on a desk as a PC replacement, but it is handy as a second desk screen for keeping an eye on social feeds or email. And it's handy in meetings, too. But what it is great for is keeping in touch when you're out of the office, when you only need to check and write emails or give a quick presentation. The battery life is simply stunning. But when buying a tablet at this price point, there are still better options out there, such as the Microsoft Surface Pro. It's a full-blown Windows 8 tablet, too (albeit with Windows 8 Pro) but it features a Core i5 processor instead. That means it really is capable of being your main display (it does still only come with 32GB of storage, however). It is alot more expensive than the Latitude 10, but the investment is worth it.
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Published on:
Jun 29, 2013

Engadget‘s review Edit

There are plenty of things to like about the Dell Latitude 10, in no small part due to the vast number of optional accessories that boost the device's productivity chops. Even without the swappable four-cell battery, this machine offers good longevity, and its bright IPS display stands out among other panels in its class. That's not to say this product is without its flaws, though; some of the most useful features, such as the productivity dock and the optional keyboard, don't feel tailor-made for a portable lifestyle, and how useful are peripherals if they can't travel anywhere with you? The price is also pretty steep when you factor in all the extras that make this system so corporate-friendly. If your pockets can handle it, splashing out for the highest-end configuration with all the bells and whistles will net you a solid product. Those who need to stay south of $1,000, though, should consider the ThinkPad Tablet 2 and ASUS VivoTab Smart instead.
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Published on:
Mar 22, 2013

HotHardware‘s review Edit

All in all, the Latitude 10 tablet has a lot to offer including swappable batteries, a full version of Windows 8, storage expansion options, connectivity options and ports, and much more. If you’ve been thinking about getting a Windows 8 tablet and want one that offers a number of usage scenarios, accessories, and ports, the Latitude 10 is a versatile option, starting at $499, that should definitely make your shot list of devices to consider.
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Published on:
Mar 28, 2013

PC Pro‘s review Edit

The first Windows 8 business tablet delivers unrivalled battery life, and comes with a practical set of peripherals, but performance suffers
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Published on:
Apr 03, 2013

Notebookcheck‘s review Edit

The release of Windows 8 has started to bridge the gap between tablets and notebooks. Although the ARM-series of processors has been getting more and more powerful - two and even four cores, 3D graphics - they never really had a platform to develop their full potential. Windows 8 is about the change that: the new OS with its touchscreen-interface on top of the well-known desktop features the diverse software offerings we've come to expect from Windows.
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Published on:
Mar 06, 2013

PC Magazine‘s review Edit

You need to work all day and into the night, and you need to be mobile from office to office, whether that's across the building or across the state. The Dell Latitude 10 can help. It can interface with your corporate network, servers, and programs, while giving you up to 20 hours of continuous battery life.
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Published on:
Feb 22, 2013

CNET Reviews‘s review Edit

Windows 8 tablets are still too new and untested to have proven themselves as full-time productivity devices, especially when compared with their hybrid or convertible cousins, which can at least pass most of the time as everyday laptops. There's a definite price advantage to going Atom, as well as battery life, which is important for on-the-go use. I liked Dell's docking station, but not the cheap-feeling cover, nor the lack of a Surface-style small keyboard. Frankly, the Latitude 10 fails to excite, but that's not always a bad thing if you're appealing to the staid corporate IT market.
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Published on:
Feb 12, 2013

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