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Samsung GALAXY Note II Verizon Pro Reviews

Phone Scoop‘s review Edit

The Samsung Galaxy Note II is a big, big phone in more ways than one. True, it is one of the largest handsets you can buy, but the new dimensions make it an easier device to use day in and day out. Unlike the original, I found I was used to the size after a few days. It’s still difficult to use one-handed, however, and for some that might be a deal breaker. The Verizon variant of the Note II is probably the best of the bunch. It has all the same features, but surpasses the performance of the AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile versions in the key areas of voice quality and data speeds. The software and tools are robust, the media powers second-to-few, the camera and video camera excellent, and the cool features of the S Pen and its associated software are much improved over the original Note. For the consumer seeking to merge their smartphone and tablet into one device, the Note II is certainly the first device to get the formula (mostly) right.
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Published on:
Dec 06, 2012

PC Magazine‘s review Edit

With a fast quad-core processor, a big, gorgeous display, and features galore, the Samsung Galaxy Note II delivers almost everything a huge-screen smartphone should—just make sure you look at the HTC Droid DNA first.
9.0 Rated at:

Published on:
Dec 06, 2012

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