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Marantz NR1603

Marantz NR1603 Marantz NR1603 Marantz NR1603

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Created by MG2 , Last update by MG2 , Oct 29, 2012


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Marantz NR1603 Specs

Audio processing

  • DTS, DTS 96/24, DTS-ES

    Surround decoders:

  • Audyssey Dynamic EQ


Amplifier specifications

  • 7

    Amplified channels:

  • 50W at 8 ohms

    Power per channel (minimum):

  • 0.08%

    20Hz-20kHz THD:

  • 98dB

    Signal to noise ratio:

  • Yes


  • A/B Speaker Switch (A/B), BI-Amping


Video features

  • Yes

    Scaling (up/down-conversion):

  • Yes

    Video conversion:

  • No

    ISF Calibration:

Main features

  • Yes


    • FM, AM

    • vTuner

      Internet radio:

Additional features

  • Yes

    iPod Ready:

  • No

    Optical drive:

  • Ethernet

    Network connectivity:

  • Music

    Built in player:

  • DLNA Support

    Other features:


  • HDMI: 6,Component: 2,Composite: 3

    Video input:

  • HDMI: 1,Component: 1,Composite: 1

    Video output:

  • HDMI in

    Front/Side Connectors:


  • 17.32 in x 4.13 in x 14.45 in

    Dimensions (WxHxD):

  • 18.3 lb


  • No


  • No

    Kensington anti-theft lock:

  • Black, Gray

    Available color options:


  • Typical: 220 W, Standby: less than 0.2 W



  • Official page:

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