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Sony Bravia KD-84X9005

Sony Bravia KD-84X9005

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Sony Bravia KD-84X9005 Specs

General info

  • LCD

    TV Type:

  • Yes

    LED backlight:

  • 84 in

    Screen size:

  • Other


  • 3840 x 2160 pixels

  • Yes (Polarized glasses)


  • 16:9

    Aspect ratio:

  • 960/800 Hz

    Refresh rate:


  • Other

    Connectors (back):

  • Wi-Fi, DLNA

    Other connectivity:


  • Pictures, Music, Video

    Built-in media player:

  • Widgets, Browser, Video streaming, Skype

    Internet features:

  • Surround

    Speakers type:

  • 50 W

    Speakers total power:

  • No



  • 84.25 in x 44.75 in x 3.63 in

    Dimensions (with stand):

  • 176.3 lb

    Weight (with stand):

  • No


  • Black

    Available color options:


  • 36 months

    Warranty period:

US Availability

  • Available

    Market status:

  • $24999.99

    MSRP price :


  • Official page:

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