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Synology DS3612xs Pro Reviews

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We'll cut right to the chase: the Synology DS3612xs and QNAP TS-879 Pro are beasts. They were as fast as any NAS device we've tested using a Gigabit Ethernet connection, and they're completely different animals when equipped with a 10GbE network card. For instance, in CrystalDiskMark, the DS3612xs's sequential writes jumped from 114MB/s to 951MB/s. Despite packing a faster processor, the TS-879 Pro was much slower with sequential write speeds of 675MB/s -- still blisteringly fast, mind you. That gap existed through most of our benchmarks, including our file download and upload tests, where the DS3612xs was 20 to 30% quicker than the TS-879 Pro. Nonetheless, both units were impressive, especially when handling smaller file writes as we expected the HDDs to hinder performance more than they did. And again, the 10GbE connection provided massive gains over conventional Gigabit Ethernet.
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Published on:
May 15, 2012

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