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Synology DiskStation DS1512+ Pro Reviews

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Synology's DS1512+ is perfect for businesses requiring a speedy NAS solution with tons of room for expansion. In the short term, it provides a cost-effective way to enable up to 15TB of storage, while you can purchase expansion units for up to 45TB with 3TB hard drives. The DS1512+ backs its healthy drive capacity with impressive read and write performance, which is claimed to peak at 200.31MB/s and 194.83MB/s thanks to its new Intel Atom D2700 processor and features such as Link Aggregation. Although it's true Link Aggregation can boost read and write performance to those rates under certain circumstances, this extra headroom is often unavailable. In fact, the DS1512+ and other Atom-driven NAS devices are only likely to exceed Gigabit Ethernet's 1.0Gb/s limitation when maybe two or three clients are transferring large 1GB+ files. Atom chips simply lack the horsepower to sustain such high speeds when working with multiple small files, as demonstrated by our game and program tests.
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Mar 29, 2012

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