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Genius Trio Racer FF specs

We are currently working on upgrading our specs, but here are some short details.

system support:
- PlayStation®/PS one™/PlayStation®2
- Microsoft XBOX
- PC with Windows 2000/XP/Vista

interface support:
- PS2® game- pad- port
- XBOX game- pad- port
- USB- port

- 10 buttons, 2 hand levers, foot pedals
- rubberized wheel
- Force Feedback- Function

- suction cups
- c-clamps
- lap attachment for comfortable driving from couch or chair

- body dimension: 290x334x270 mm
- gift box dimension: 350x300x290 mm
- body Weight: 4180 g

If you are interested in using our specs commercially, check out our Gaming Wheels specs database licensing page.

Filed in: Genius Gaming Wheels

Description: 3 in 1 Force Feedback racing wheel - play racing games on PS2, XBOX and PC platforms with the same wheel
The Trio Racer FF high intensity force feedback delivers real racing experience for every bump, jolt and crash in games.
It includes pedals for realistic acceleration and braking; an auto centering function improves handling on curves, and is plug-and-play so you don’t have to calibrate it before playing racing games.

Created by MG1 on Jan 27, 2010


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