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Dell 1430X Pro Reviews

PC Magazine‘s review Edit

The Dell 1430X projector lacks such niceties as an HDMI port, but it's strong on the basics, with bright, high quality data images and a native XGA (1,024 by 768) resolution.
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Published on:
Aug 10, 2012

ProjectorCentral‘s review Edit

Although the Dell 1430X sticks largely to basics, it gets lots of points for doing most of those basics well. The one notable exception is its video quality. But if you want a projector with 1024x768 resolution, odds are you aren't much interested in video. Quite simply, if you need good video quality, you should be looking at higher resolution projectors. As a data projector, the 1430X does a more than impressive job. It offers a combination of high quality images, higher than promised maximum brightness, and the flexibility to adjust brightness significantly for different lighting conditions or image sizes. It may not have all the connectors you want. An HDMI port would be useful, for example, and so would separate audio inputs for each image input. However, it has all the connectors you absolutely need. Also on the plus side, the 1.2x zoom makes setup a little easier. Throw in some extra points too for keeping the total cost of ownership down with a reasonably long lamp life, particularly if you use Eco mode, and a relatively low cost for replacement lamps. Add it all up, and the Dell 1430X qualifies as a more than attractive choice.
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Published on:
Jun 19, 2012

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