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Synology DiskStation DS212j Pro Reviews

PC Advisor‘s review Edit

With Synology's DiskStation DS212j, you're buying much more than a NAS device; you're buying an entire storage solution! Through its comprehensive software and extra packages, you can use this two-bay NAS not just for back-ups, but also for remote access, cloud storage and much, much more. It's great.
9.0 Rated at:

Published on:
May 21, 2012

PC Pro‘s review Edit

Fine performance and a seemingly never-ending array of talents combine with a superb interface.
8.3 Rated at:

Published on:
May 10, 2012

bit-tech‘s review Edit

Given that Audio Station can now play music through USB speakers attached to the DiskStation, the lack of a front USB port means that you've only got two left. These could quite easily be taken up for a wi-fi dongle or, seeing as there's no SD card slot either, a memory card reader. In addition, we like to have a free port for using the USB copy feature too. We imagine that needing more than two ports may well be a niche thing that not many people do, but Synology has added two new USB features (wi-fi hotspot and USB speaker support) in quick succession, so removing a USB port from the DS212j seems a little illogical. That said, a USB hub will probably solve the issue, but it's an added expense that another port or two would negate the need for. We had no complaints with speed, though, or with anything else. The list of features that Synology's DiskStations are equipped with has just got longer and the Cloud Station is superb, if a little clunky and unpolished. However, it could be immensely useful and even as it stands it's got huge potential. Given that a 100GB Dropbox account currently costs $199 a year, the $199 (£163) asking price of the DS211j seems very reasonable indeed, given what else you get for your money besides. We doubt there's much reason to upgrade from your DS211j, though, but if you're in the market for a dual-bay NAS enclosure with £200 or less to spend, this is the one to go for.
8.8 Rated at:

Published on:
May 04, 2012

itreviews‘s review Edit

One of the best consumer two-bay NAS enclosures out there – the DS212j has a wonderful range of features for the price, even though it has a modest hardware specification.
n/a Not rated

Published on:
Mar 14, 2012

expertreviews‘s review Edit

Synology gives and Synology takes away with its latest NAS, but it's still a Best Buy.
10.0 Rated at:

Published on:
Feb 02, 2012

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