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FujiFilm FinePix S4200 Pro Reviews

PhotographyBLOG‘s review Edit

It's fair to say that no-one can grumble about the cost of the S4200. At £110, the price isn't anything to shake a stick at. That's a cost effective camera that is easily replaceable if it gets dropped and isn't covered by a warranty. After all, it's built out of plastic, so if it is dropped, it's highly likely that it'll break. The price does show through, though. Aside from the plastic exterior, the plastic tripod bush and flimsy rubber port covers scream budget camera. The menu is strangely bereft of fashionable Instagram style effects, but this could be a camera for those not looking to post pictures of cats, sunrises and cups of coffee. If that's you, then the Fujifilm FinePix S4200 could be a great camera for you. If you do decide to get it, get it in white so you have a camera that looks like a Star Wars stormtrooper.
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Published on:
Jan 23, 2013

CNET Reviews‘s review Edit

With the Fujifilm FinePix S4200 as well as its other S-series linemates, your money is going toward the zoom lens and other features like the EVF, but not great build quality or excellent photos and videos. It's completely possible to get good photos from the S4200, but it's not a camera you can leave in auto for all shooting conditions. Its advantage is that you can actually take more control away from the camera than most in its class, so you can set things like shutter speed and ISO for better results. If you're going to leave it in auto, though, you're going to need a lot of light to get good results.
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Published on:
Nov 05, 2012

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