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Dell Streak 7 News

Dell Streak 7 Android tablet discontinued

Dell Streak 7 Android tablet discontinued Created by MG1 on Dec 05, 2011

Like the Streak 5 before it, Dell has discontinued the Streak 7 tablet from its online store. The T-Mobile variant was similarly removed from the carrier's store earlier this year after being ignominiously denied a Honeycomb update, with a tiny moment back in the spotlight during T-Mobile's "Magenta Saturday sale."
Dell's site simply says that "Steak 7 is no longer available online, but you can browse our other mobile devices for similar products." The company's mobile products selection is actually looking pretty thin these days, with the Inspiron Duo holding down tablet duties and the Venue and Venue Pro smartphones still available. That leaves a pretty large hole for an Android tablet to ... »read more

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