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Roccat Isku Pro Reviews

bjorn3d‘s review Edit

The ROCCAT Isku gaming keyboard has an extraordinarily level of features. It has a large number of possible macro combinations, and is extremely gamer-friendly. It’s made for the dedicated gamer, and for its rich features, it earns the Bjorn3D Gold Bear Award.
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Published on:
Jul 20, 2012‘s review Edit

The Roccat Isku brings tons of features and reliability to the table, and a budget friendly price!
n/a Not rated

Published on:
Jul 12, 2012

PC Magazine‘s review Edit

The Roccat Isku is a solid gaming keyboard with good overall functionality, but a few details about it might not appeal to everyone.
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Published on:
Jun 21, 2012

tweaktown‘s review Edit

While the Isku illuminated gaming keyboard is going to cost you a touch more than the basic kit will cost, there is nothing I have seen personally that can even step up to try to make the claim that they offer more that what ROCCAT packed in here. For the pricing of around $80 I can't see why you would pass up the opportunity to own this masterpiece of a gaming keyboard. For those basic gamers, there is every basic thing you need and some, for those who are macro crazy, or just like setting all your applications to launch and the touch of two keys, the Isku is not the keyboard that will leave you wanting in any way. I really think the team at ROCCAT outdid themselves with this Isku and I can't wait to see what they come up with next!
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Published on:
Apr 13, 2012

hardwaresecrets‘s review Edit

The Roccat Isku is the ideal keyboard for strategy and RPG games that have many complex commands. It features a great capacity for customization, and the application offers useful presets for many hot games on the market. The illumination is beautiful and functional, but the Isku could have featured some USB ports, especially having a sibling product like the Kone[+] (it would have been interesting to hook it up with the Isku). There’s the slight problem with the positioning of the M keys, which we invariably hit by accident, and the question of the size itself: the keyboard is too big and requires lots of empty space on the table.
n/a Not rated

Published on:
Mar 12, 2012

expertreviews‘s review Edit

A clever combination of mouse and keyboard with the right hardware, but this is otherwise a fairly average keyboard
6.0 Rated at:

Published on:
Jan 01, 2012

bit-tech‘s review Edit

While Roccat’s aim of shifting fiddly mouse controls to a keyboard is a good idea, the Isku is unpleasant to use thanks to its flimsy build quality and poor key action. What's more, the only mouse that currently supports Roccat Talk is the lacklustre Kone+. Talk has potential, but it deserves better-quality devices than the Isku and Kone+ to see it reach it.
5.6 Rated at:

Published on:
Dec 10, 2011

benchmarkreviews‘s review Edit

This price is quite high but the ISKU has quite a few tricks and unique features up it's sleeve that almost merit this price, making this a tough one to call.
8.8 Rated at:

Published on:
Oct 28, 2011

TechRadar UK‘s review Edit

The versatility of the Isku means that for the online FPS guru and the MMO obsessive it's a great keyboard for both. It's also solidly built and responsive. The aesthetics may divide opinion, being rather angular and industrial, and the blue backlight isn't so easy on the eye in a bright office, but it's a board that pretty much has it all.
9.0 Rated at:

Published on:
Oct 24, 2011

The average pro reviews rating is 7.8 / 10, based on the 9 reviews.

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