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Sony Ericsson Live with Walkman Questions & Answers

SE LWW or Dell Venue

Posted by thegrinreaper on Mar 17, 2012

HI ... i gotta buy a cell phone below 15000rs.....

help me choose from the following list

1)SE live with walkman

2)Dell venue

i had finally decided to buy LWW but recently can across dell venue on flipkart

i would basically like to ask id dell venue is a good investmest

I NEED A CELL FOR LONG TERM USE ( 3 yrs atleast)

add any new device if it fits my requirement

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2 Immortal on Mar 19, 2012
Level 9 From SE Live and Dell Venue I`d definately choose the dell...It has AMOLED screen(the SE has TFT), 8MP camera(SE has 5) and stronger battery(1400mah SE has 1200)​et/compare/Sony+Ericsson+Live+​with+Walkman,Dell+Venue/gadget​s/52658,16153
not rated
5 thegrinreaper on Jun 15, 2012
Level 2 sry...but i already bought the SE LWW about 2 months ago
4 jehnavi on Jun 15, 2012
Level 1 Great phone. Good enough to make me forget it's a Motorola (still shreds of Razr times left in my soul).​hones/motorola-cellphones/motorola-defy-mini-smartphone-review.html

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