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Klipsch Gallery G-28 specs

General info

  • Stereo / Front, Center, Surround

    Recommended usage:

  • Floorstanding


  • Vented (bass reflex)

    Enclosure type:

  • Front

    Port (bass reflex) location:

  • 55Hz (measured at -3dB) - 24kHz

    Frequency range:

  • 75W

    Continuous power:

  • 300W

    Peak power:

  • 94dB at 2.83V/1m


  • 8 ohms

    Nominal impedance:

  • 7

    Number of drivers:

  • 2-way

    Number of frequency bands:

  • 2200Hz

    Crossover frequencies:

Drivers information

  • Woofer / Midbass, Tweeter

    Drivers include:

  • 6 x 3.5 in


  • 1 x 25.4 mm


  • Horn

    Tweeter type:

Other features

  • No

    Built-in amplifier:

  • No

    Built-in digital decoder (DAC):


  • Plastic

    Enclosure materials:

  • 6 in x 28.5 in x 2.4 in

    Dimensions (WxHxD):

  • 8 lb


  • Black

    Available color options:

US Availability

  • May 24, 2011

    Officially announced:


  • Official page:

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Description: Your favorite blockbuster flicks and esteemed artists deserve more, and the Klipsch Gallery G-28 LCRS speaker is here to give them just that. Best of all, it meets the needs of your favorite soundtracks when utilized as a left, right, center or surround speaker.

Created by MG3 , Last update by MG28 , Jul 20, 2011


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