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Samsung Chromebook WiFi Questions & Answers

Chromebook or windows notebook for internet use?

Posted by barbedwire on Aug 08, 2011

Hi, looking for dirt cheap notebook ($500 budget) for internet only. It is not going to need massive amounts of computing power, so I'm considering chromebook by samsung or some old laptop model with outdated specs and windows os. I guess the pros of the chromebook would be the extended battery life and speed, but still, not sure If I should throw away the advantages of having windows installed. Any other alternatives or suggestions?


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Reply Level 9 1 Immortal on Aug 08, 2011

The difference in the specifications of Chromebooks and the standrard netbooks is almost none, but Windows still offers greater variety of features, so if I were you I`d go for a standard Netbook. Something like Aspire One D255 for 400$ according to Acer`s site and if you still want to use Chrome OS there are USB versions which will work perfectly normal.
You can take a look at the specs​et/50903/Acer+Aspire+One+AOD25​5-1134

Reply Level 2 2 Inferno on Aug 08, 2011

If internet is your main requirement, why don't you consider getting a 10" android tablet. Full internet experience with flash and lots of useful applications.

Reply Level 7 4 I.P.K. on Aug 09, 2011

I am for tablet, too, but with Windows 7 :) Tables are much more comfortable for internet.

Reply Level 9 5 Immortal on Aug 09, 2011

If you use an Android tablet you`ll be restricted using the android`s apps and I`m not sure there will be a good Windows 7 tablet in this price range :)

Reply Level 1 6 gsmalltheway on Aug 12, 2011

Hey man get a Nokia Booklet 3G. They have up to 12 hour battery life and made of high quality materials. Plus they are thin and small and have windows 7

Reply Level 3 7 raghu.s1432 on Aug 13, 2011

samsung chorme book r wait fr tabco its something different

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