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Samsung Chromebook WiFi Questions & Answers

Can the chromebook be used without internet?

Posted by DragonForce on May 16, 2011

Hello guys, Samsung and Acer introduced new notebooks with Crome OS. I was wondering whether they can be used without internet and what functionality they provide? I previewed the OS and it was like an internet browser, which make me think, it should always be connected to the net...:S


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Reply Level 2 2 outdated on May 16, 2011

As far as I've read, it is huge misunderstanding that the Chromebooks would only work while connected to the internet. There are a couple of things, that are probably hard to understand from Google's cloud trageted ad approach, but here you go:

- Chromebooks will support an off-line versions of Gmail, Google Docs and Google Calendar
- Google Music Beta will also have some sort of local use, since it will cache the last played songs based on user's preferences, when the internet connection is suddenly lost
- Chromebooks do have 16GB of flash storage + memory card slots + file manager
- All of the games available at Google Web Store + some productivity apps already work without an internet connection

Reply Level 2 3 Bulldog on May 16, 2011

Yep....Google said, that there will be a lot of off-line apps for the Chromebooks :)

Reply Level 6 4 WingMan on May 17, 2011

So it will have basic offline functionality and not nearly as good as the online one.

Reply Level 2 5 Gamester on May 17, 2011

Ok. Can you tell me one advanced functionality that strongly requires internet?

Reply Level 3 6 ndroid on May 27, 2011


Reply Level 2 7 Gamester on May 27, 2011

Agree, but this don't concern the OS. Windows, Linux and others, they all need internet to sync :)

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Reply Level 3 8 ndroid on May 30, 2011

So? We are not discussing other OS's, we are talking Chromebooks and offline use. And I must agree with the other guy here, Chromebooks are primarily targeting internet users. The offline use comes more like an addition to it, rather than basic functionality (as it is in the regular notebooks). So yeah, you could have it for offline use, but that'll give a lot less functionality and if you're not a heavy internet user I'd suggest looking at some other notebooks.

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