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Buffalo LinkStation Pro Duo LS-WV2.0TL/R1 Pro Reviews

xbitlabs‘s review Edit

The Buffalo LinkStation Pro Duo is an inexpensive (considering the preinstalled disks) and nice-looking NAS based on the classic ARM platform. Its downsides include the limited expandability options (it's got only one back-panel USB port and doesn’t support USB hubs), the lack of disk activity indicators and the design of the Power switch. The firmware lacks such popular features as event log, temperature and disk status monitoring, RAID migration without data loss, and installation of firmware on clean HDDs. The manufacturer doesn’t provide free access to the firmware, so the rather advanced hardware cannot be utilized fully. On the other hand, the integrated BitTorrent client is almost perfect and very fast. There is a full selection of media servers, an integrated backup tool, and browser-based file access. Network-USB Server allows using all the features of an all-in-one connected to the NAS. Taking into consideration the features and functionality of this product, we would recommend it to those users who are looking for an inexpensive network data storage solution that could be easily integrated into a home network used primarily for streaming versatile multimedia data onto compatible players.
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Published on:
Oct 26, 2011

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