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JL Audio JX500/1 specs

JL Audio JX500/1

General info

  • Car

    Amplifier usage:

  • Integrated amplifier



  • 10 - 0.15kHz at +-1dB

    Frequency response:

  • Line level: 90dB

    Signal to noise ratio:

  • Bass: +/- 12dB at 45Hz ,

    Tone controls:

  • Variable from 50Hz to 200Hz measured at 12 dB / Octave

    Low pass filter:

Power amplifier

  • 1

    Amplified channels:

  • 340W per channel into 4 ohms

    Power output:

  • 500W per channel into 2 ohms

  • Class AB

    Amplifier class:

  • 10 - 0.15kHz at +-1dB

    Frequency response:

  • 90dB

    Signal to noise ratio:

  • : 10V

    Input sensitivity:

  • over 160 at 4ohms

    Damping factor:


  • Unbalanced (RCA): 2


  • Analog: Unbalanced (RCA)



  • 7.68 in x 2.15 in x 13.7 in

    Dimensions (WxHxD):

  • 7.9 lb


  • Gray

    Available color options:


  • Official page:

  • Manual:

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Description: When you see a moderately priced amplifier loaded with chrome and lights, you know that the money to pay for the bling came from somewhere, and that ‘somewhere’ is under the hood.
By contrast, when you inspect a JL Audio JX amplifier, you will see that nothing is spent on gimmicks, blue lights or chrome. Instead, we apply our no-nonsense, pure performance philosophy to specify oversized output transistors and rugged MOSFET power... read more

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