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Speedlink Verso specs

General info

  • Wired


    • USB



  • No


  • Predefined shortcuts

    Special keys:


  • Low-profile

    Design features:

  • No


  • Black

    Available color options:

US Availability

  • Available

    Market status:

European Availability

  • Available

    Market status:


  • Official page:

also know as: Speedlink SL-6454-SBK

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Description: The Verso USB keyboard is impressive because of its ultra-flat profile which makes typing on the keyboard relaxing. As a result, less strain is placed on hand and arm muscles. The flat, notebook-style keys increase typing speed and reduce the likelihood of hitting the wrong key. The Verso sets design accents with its light-coloured key edges featuring a non-slip coating. Furthermore, the full size keyboard layout makes it easier... read more

Created by MG2 , Last update by MG2 , Oct 26, 2010


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