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Best virtualization software to try MAC OS X Lion in Windows 7?

Posted by superuser on Nov 07, 2011

What would you guys recommend as the most fast and easy way of setting up Mac OS X Lion under Windows 7 virtual machine? Has anyone tried that? I really like to try OS X, but don't want to invest too much time and effort. Any suggestions?


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Reply Level 9 1 Immortal on Nov 07, 2011

I`ve stumbled upon a solution for you several days ago...try VirtualBox it is free and it is the best Virtual Machine software I`ve tried so far. It is fast and stable I`ve tested it on Ubuntu Server but LifeHacker made a pretty good tutorial for Mac OS as well...​run-mac-os-x-in-virtualbox-on-windows

Reply Level 5 2 Dexter on Nov 08, 2011

I remember making a couple of attempts using vmware with 10.5 Leopard, but it was way easier to make it work native, rather than via virtualization software. However, this tutorial looks legit, I might try it (with Lion though) and post an update if it works.

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