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Apple Mac OS X 10.7 Questions & Answers

OSX 10.7 Lion - share your opinion

Posted by macboy on Feb 24, 2011

If there are any Mac developers around, please let us know how does the Lion feels like. I just heard that a preview of the newest apple OS will be available for download through the mac app store, unfortunately (for me) exclusively to developers.


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Reply Level 6 2 WingMan on Feb 25, 2011

It looks like the snow leo, but a bit more polished and a bit more improved. I really like the iPad look of the apps list.

Reply Level 2 3 Helix on Feb 28, 2011

I wonder if the ATI/AMD graphics support will make life easier for us Hackintosh-ers.

I really like the Lion and I can't wait to give it a testdrive on my system.

Reply Level 2 5 Undead on Mar 01, 2011

+1 on that....can`t wait to try it out

Reply Level 2 6 Captain_Obvious on Mar 03, 2011

When is this OS supposed to come out?

Reply Level 2 4 Striker on Mar 01, 2011

Engadget posted a hands-on with video of the OS, here is a link so you won't have to scout the net :)​2/28/mac-os-x-lion-hands-on-preview/

Reply Level 1 7 pedro on Mar 08, 2011

keep Snow Leopard running. Test Lion in a different disk importing all your data. better yet - don't spend money on it until your are sure you want it. And why they changed the scroll thing. If i scroll down i want my window or list to go down. NOT UP.

Reply Level 6 8 WingMan on Mar 09, 2011

Now that sux, isn't there an option that allows you to invert the scroll the way it is supposed to be?

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