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ViewSonic VMP74 specs

We are currently working on upgrading our specs, but here are some short details.

DIMENSIONS (WxHxD) - 132(L)x101(W) x28(H) mm

WEIGHT - 220g

RESOLUTION - 480p-720p-1080p

NETWORK - Ethernet

VIDEO CHIPSET - Sigma Designs SMP8655AD

Video - avi/.wmv/mpg/.iso/.vob/.ifo/.mp4/.asf/.tp/.ts/.m2 ts/.mov(H.264)/.mkv/.trp
Audio - .mp3/.wma/.acc/.dts/.flac/.ogg/.pcm/.lpcm/ .wav
Subtitle - .srt/.ssa/.idx/.smi/.sub/.idx+sub/.aas/.txt

File System - NTFS, FAT16, FAT32, EXT3

Features - DMA/IPTV/Signage/ internet/UPNP

Video Streaming - MPEG2 (Up to 80Mbps)
MPEG4 (Up to 80Mbps)
DivX 3/4/5/6/ X Vid(Up to 80Mbps)
H.264 (Up to 80Mbps)
VC-1 (Up to 80Mbps)
WMV9 (Up to 80Mbps)

USB + e SATA - (USB +eSATA - SATA Host) x2

Output connectors - HDMI 1.3、Composite A/V and Optical SPDIF

Content Protection - Windows DRM

If you are interested in using our specs commercially, check out our Digital Media Players specs database licensing page.

Description: The changing face of media requires new ways to integrate this revolution into an existing home viewing experience. Enjoying a library of unlimited music and video content is possible using the ViewSonic VMP74. With no moving parts and generating minimum heat, the VMP74 invisibly integrates into any home cinema environment. In addition to online video sources such as BBC iPlayer* and YouTube, the VMP74 connects to social networks... read more

Created by MG3 , Last update by MG2 , Aug 10, 2010


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