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Audison SRx 1d specs

General info

  • Car

    Amplifier usage:

  • Power amplifier



  • Variable from 50Hz to 220Hz measured at 24 dB / Octave

    Low pass filter:

Power amplifier

  • 1

    Amplified channels:

  • 550W per channel into 4 ohms and THD 1%

    Power output:

  • 850W per channel into 2 ohms and THD 1%

  • 1150W per channel into 1 ohms and THD 1%

  • Class D

    Amplifier class:

  • 11 - 500kHz at +-3dB

    Frequency response:

  • 90dB

    Signal to noise ratio:

  • Unbalanced: 15 kohms

    Input impedance:

  • over 100 at frequencies from 100Hz to0.1kHz at 4ohms

    Damping factor:


  • Unbalanced (RCA): 2


  • Analog: Unbalanced (RCA)


  • Binding post terminals

    Speaker connector type:


  • 14.57 in x 2.2 in x 8.5 in

    Dimensions (WxHxD):

  • 8.38 lb



  • Official page:

  • Manual:

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Description: D Class, mono amplifier, able to deliver 1000 W into 1 Ohm.
Compatible with factory OEM car audio systems, thanks to the Speaker-In hi-level input and Signal Sense turn-on/off features. The SRx 1D can also generate a PRE-amp output signal to accommodate system expansion. With the SRx 1D, Audison introduces the “Amp Chain Mode” function. Inherited from the LRx line, this technology provides the ability to “cascade” many amplifiers... read more

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