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Sonus faber Toy Speaker

Sonus faber Toy Speaker

Description: Sonus Faber conveys in the Toy the sheer experience of joy that comes from working with real passion and enthusiasm for music of all kinds. Toys have always been synonymous with happiness and surprise, the same emotions the art of sound has conveyed from time immemorial. Play is also about spontaneity, embodied perfectly in this gem-like system of compact loudspeakers which are easy to place yet convey the full impact of music... read more

Created by MG15 , Last update by MG23 , Jun 02, 2010


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Sonus faber Toy Speaker Specs

General info

  • Bookshelf


  • 60Hz - 25kHz

    Frequency range:

  • 20W - 100W

    Recommended power:

  • 87dB at 2.83V/1m


  • 8 ohms

    Nominal impedance:

  • 2

    Number of drivers:

  • 2-way

    Number of frequency bands:

  • 4500Hz

    Crossover frequencies:

Drivers information

  • Woofer / Midbass, Tweeter

    Drivers include:

  • 1 x 4.3 in


  • 1 x 25 mm



  • 7.28 in x 10.43 in x 10.63 in

    Dimensions (WxHxD):

  • 21.61 lb


  • Black

    Available color options:


  • Official page:

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