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Philips PET744 Pro Reviews

Pocket-lint‘s review Edit

Whilst we aren't entirely sold on the build quality, we like the practicality of the swivel screen design and the considerate steps taken by Philips to make the PET744 user friendly. Supplying the car kit in the box, a remote, and two headphone sockets on the DVD player make it a convenient one-box solution.
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Aug 26, 2009‘s review Edit

Apart from the lack of a USB port, the PET744 gets it right in every way. It boasts a healthy feature list, solid format compatibility, dashing looks, great onscreen presentation and (most importantly) gorgeous picture quality, all of which makes it worth every penny of its price tag. If you're torn between this and the Toshiba SD-P73S, the Philips' longer battery life and higher resolution screen makes it the outright winner in our book.
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Aug 14, 2009

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