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its built like a tank, and it has enormous hidden capabilities!

Created by retrorobot on Feb 22, 2010

Ownership period: more than 1 year.
it has enormously good construction, over these years it survived so much ,and when you go to flea market or garage sale, there is a great chance that you can buy a working station for nothing since its so well built! play games, emulate other systems, use it as NAS (network attached storage) watch movies, music and other media...its endless
  • Overall rating

  • Pros

  • solid construction
  • good game library
  • cheap now since its no longer selling new
  • good graphics if you connect it to HDTV or computer monitor
  • LARGE support in enthusiast communities
  • you name it!!! a must have really
  • Cons

  • games are no longer being produced
  • althought it has many hidden capabilities that you discover when using it
  • it gets a bit underpowered for playing newest MKV video files. but all in all
  • 20 times more pros than cons